A Proper Introduction

Good day, weary internet wanderer. Please, do make yourself comfortable in my imaginary, cyber-space parlor whilst I introduce myself.

My name is Miss Bell, but you may call me Angela. I am a 21st century young lady with 19th century sensibilities. I currently reside in the southern most region of Texas with my dear family, kitty Lord Sterling, pup Mr. Darcy, and kitty Lizzie Bennett. The latter of which have yet to agree about anything.

My daily activities consist of reading voraciously, drinking copious amounts of tea, and writing letters by hand with a fountain pen. (Yes, hand-written notes do still exist. Shocking, I know.)

Words are quite a passion of mine, which I suppose, is what led me to become a novelist. One might describe my fictional scribblings as Historical Romance or as Victorian History and Steampunk Whimsy in a Romantic blend.

Author Angela BellOh dear, you must be off again, so soon? Very well. Making your acquaintance has been a pleasure. By all means, let us stay in touch!

I can be found:
• Greeting internet wanderers here in my cyber-space parlor.
• Entertaining guests in my sitting-room with monthly readings of my blog, 21st Century Victorian Lady.

• Displaying beautiful photographs at the art gallery, Pinterest.
• And socializing at the public assembly room known as FacebookAuthor Angela Bell Page and 21st Century Victorian Lady Community.

Whenever you need a respite from the 21st century hustle, please call again. I shall be waiting with a pot of English tea and Victorian cordiality.

Farewell and happy travels, internet wanderer!