Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Love of Horses

Horse InspirationKeeping up with the British Royal Family is rather a hobby of mine. I follow them on Facebook, read biographies and history books, and watch every PBS special I can find about their thoroughly interesting family tree.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite the mental store of important and random trivia facts. For example: Did you know that Queen Elizabeth loves horses? Furthermore, did you know that her horses are trained using the art of horse whispering?

Indeed, in the 1980’s the Queen was one of the first to employ renowned American “horse whisperer” Monty Roberts, famous for his gentle Join-Up method for training racehorses. In fact, it was at the Queen’s suggestion that Roberts penned a book about his unique ideas, The Man Who Listens to Horses, which went on to sell over five million copies worldwide.

In addition to employing horse whisperers, Queen Elizabeth herself is also quite skilled in the art. Back in 1981, while riding her favorite mare Burmese in the Trooping of the Colour–a ceremony that marks the reigning monarch’s official birthday–someone fired six blank shots at the Queen, spooking poor Burmese who then attempted to bolt. Despite sitting side-saddle, the Queen was able to calm Burmese, regaining control of her mount in a few strides of canter. A most impressive feat!

Below are 16 photographs documenting Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Love of Horses!

Little Elizabeth, age four, astride her first Shetland pony. Image Source: The Royal Collection via Telegraph.co.uk.

Little Elizabeth, age four, astride her first Shetland pony. Image Source: The Royal Collection via Telegraph.co.uk.

Queen Elizabeth had her first riding lesson at age three and was given her first horse, a Shetland pony named Peggy, by her grandfather King George V on her fourth birthday. Isn’t she just darling?! Continue reading