Downton Abbey Hats on Parade

Downton Abbey Hats on Parade MemeOne thing which makes me a 21st century Victorian lady is my obsession with hats! I rarely leave the house without a hat upon my head. In fact, on the rare occasion when I depart my home hatless, I feel rather odd. Like something is missing. You see, hats give me a shot of confidence and make me feel pulled together. Polished. Ready to face the world. Hats are my secret style weapon. Indeed, a truly great hat can take an already pretty ensemble and transform it into one that is marvelous and memorable.

Nothing proves this more, in my mind, than the costumes of Downton Abbey! While the gowns as a whole are quite lovely and the jewels rather sublime, the hats are the cherry on top that grab my attention, episode after episode.

Therefore, in celebration of the final season, I present to thee a selection of my favorite Downton Abbey Hats on Parade!

Lady Cora Crawley

Lady Cora Crawley / Source: Pinterest

Classic in black and cream, this hat brings to mind the horse racing scene of My Fair Lady. “Every duke and earl and peer is here. Everyone who should be here is here. What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle. The ascot opening day.” Continue reading