Around the World in 6 Libraries

Library Quote E.B. WhiteIt should not come as a shock that my favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I think all writers, bookworms, and imaginative sorts are drawn to Belle. I mean, she’s intelligent and quick witted. She reads voraciously. She flies across bookshelves on wheeled ladders with reckless abandon. Her lovable father is a creative inventor and—quite obviously— a Steampunk. (Goggles + Inventor + Steam-powered wood-chipper = Holy Cogsworth! How did I not see this before?!)

However, I think the thing to be most loved and envied about Belle is the manner in which she is wooed by her shaggy prince—with the gift of a library.

Not just any library, my dears. That library. That. Magnificent. Library! The one which causes book-lovers jaws to drop with an audible gasp and dream dreams of having their own Beauty and The Beast library one glorious day. *le sigh*

After writing my novella, The Substitute Bride, I realized my love for Belle and that library had unintentionally infused itself into my Victorian era tale. I have a bookworm heroine, Gwen. A slightly gruff hero, Elliot. And a rather grand library tucked away in an English country manor where they learn to love amidst the aroma of old books.

Therefore, in honor of Belle and Gwen and everything magical that can happen where books reside, let us now venture on a brief journey Around the World in 6 Libraries!

1. The Library of Congress ~ Washington DC, USA

The Library of Congress ~ Washington DC, USA. Image Source: Pixabay CCO PD

The Library of Congress ~ Washington DC, USA. Image Source: Pixabay CCO PD

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on treasure island.” 

~Walt Disney

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