4 Scrumptious Teas Worth Savoring

In my humble opinion, a cup of tea is more than a warm beverage.

A cup of tea is a ceremony. An invitation to consciously slow down life’s frantic pace.

Henry James Tea Meme

Boiling water, tempering the pot, steeping the leaves—each step in the tea brewing process requires time. Indeed, preparation and waiting are part of the ceremony of tea.

By taking part in this old-fashioned ritual, we are reminded that not all joys in life are instant and flashy. Some joys are dainty, some are subtle, and some are as fleeting as a dandelion seed twirling away on a gentle summer breeze. Dashing about in the business of busy, we may spot the grandeur of special occasions, but in our haste, we often fail to notice life’s everyday joys.

The dandelion’s floating waltz goes unseen, its simple wonder unfelt.

Today, as an unofficial tea connoisseur, I wish to extend you a simple invitation to set aside your to-do list and embrace the beauty of stillness. Sit, relax, and savor. I know the responsibilities of “real life” await us, but for just an hour, let’s take part in the ceremony of tea. Let’s nourish our souls with wonderment by seeking to notice and appreciate life’s everyday joys!

To start us in this practice, here are 4 Scrumptious Teas Worth Savoring!

Artwork by Harrison Fisher. / Source: Pinterest

Artwork by Harrison Fisher. / Source: Pinterest

1. Scottish Afternoon / Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Black Tea / Served with or without Milk and Sugar  Continue reading

6 Delightfully Delicious Teas

Tea MemeHello, my name is Angela, and I am a tea-oholic. 

On second thought, that term is rather extreme as it implies addiction. I shall try another. I am a tea drinker? Tea enthusiast? Tea snob? All of the above? Let’s just go with tea connoisseur as it sounds fancy and official and marvelously superfluous.

Rewind. Press play.

Hello, my name is Angela, and I am a tea connoisseur. I’ve enjoyed tea parties from a young age, starting with Disney Princess tea sets and later transitioning to Fine Bone China. This is all thanks to my elegant mother—the original 21st Century Victorian Lady—who instilled a love of tea in our family. Each May we put on an annual Kentucky Derby Tea, and the rest of the year, we manage to transform pretty much any occasion into tea time.

Now that you better understand my endearing obsession with a good cuppa, please allow me to gush about some of the best blends I’ve discovered over the years.

6 Delightfully Delicious Teas!

1. Irish Breakfast / Harney & Sons Fine Teas 

Black Tea / Served with or without Milk and Sugar

Irish Breakfast is my perfect top o’the mornin’ cuppa. 100% Assam it’s suitable for drinking alongside any breakfast dish, sweet or savory. Have one cup or three, as the lucky clover grows, to set your day off with a sprightly jig! *cue the Riverdance soundtrack*

Shop for Irish Breakfast.

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Ways to Simplify Your Tea Party

Painting-The Tea PartyAmidst the sparkle of fireworks we have welcomed 2016 into our midst in her glistening new gown of promise. While I am quite glad of 2016’s company, her arrival prompts the end of the holiday season. Which means the flurry of cookie-swaps and Christmas themed tea parties have also come to an end.

Part of me is partied out and content to resume the quiet rhythm of ordinary life. The other part, however, soon tires of ordinary. I like extraordinary. Festiveness. I like celebrating, decorating, and dress up. And I hate the feeling that one must wait for the holiday season in order to enjoy those things.

I don’t want to wait an entire year before I have another tea party. And why must I?

Why do we feel compelled to have a “reason” for festivity? As though we require a holiday’s permission before we can indulge in something special. Perhaps it’s because we have legitimate responsibilities, but I think it’s mostly because we make celebrations too complicated.

TableNot every tea party has to have four homemade courses, fifty guests, and a table decorated with all your best china in an attempt to replicate a scene from Downton Abbey. I love fancy, but simplicity is not a plain-Jane substitute. Rather simplicity frees us to enjoy the extraordinary delight of celebration throughout the year.

So let’s not pack merriment away with the tinsel! Instead let’s invite simplicity over for a cuppa.

Ways to Simplify Your Tea Party. 

Combine Paper Ware with Fine China

I love fine china, but unfortunately, it does not get along with dishwashers. Therefore, when I wish to simplify and decrease post-tea-party-clean-up, I combine china pieces with paper ware. Usually I’ll mix porcelain tea cups with paper plates. Not plain white ones that you’d see at a BBQ. You can now find lovely paper plates with designs that match your theme. I often use Punch Studio plates found at my local TJMaxx or Marshall’s.  Continue reading