8 Must Have Items for Letter Writing

By now, most of you know that I’m a devoted letter writer. I love how writing a letter momentarily disconnects us from the dizzying speed of social media and allows us to rediscover our five senses. Remind ourselves of the tangible world beyond glowing screens and the people who live there.

Today I hope to inspire you to take up this restorative art form. To get you started, here are my 8 Must Have Items for Letter Writing! (Be sure to read to the very end for some exciting news!)

Lovely Blue Stationary

1. Lovely Stationary

Stationary, like fashion, can display one’s personality. Take advantage of this by choosing stationary that reflects your unique style. This makes it more fun for you while writing the letter and more precious to the one who receives it in their mailbox. When someone can recognize you in the personal elements of a card—before even reading the words—that transforms stationary from mere paper into something worth treasuring. My favorite brand is Punch Studio, which I pick up at TJMaxx or Marshall’s. I adore this line’s Victorian inspired style and intricate details, like designs that flow into the envelope’s interior. Continue reading

How Writing Thank You Cards Improves our Lives

Shakespeare Thankful MemeAs Thanksgiving draws near, I’ve been mulling over the fact that we don’t really give thanks anymore.

In this tech-driven age, we tweet our thanks with the appropriate hashtag. Post thankfulness countdowns on Facebook. Text a brief thanks, vowels and correct grammar optional, before moving on with our fast-paced, instant download, blink-and-you’ll-miss-the-latest-trend lives.

The observance of literally giving someone a card expressing thanks has all but been forgotten.

Some might argue that it doesn’t matter. That we’re still being polite, communicating the same sentiment—just in a less antiquated fashion.

While I’m not opposed to modern forms of communication, I firmly believe that Thank You cards are an irreplaceable form of politeness. In fact, I believe the practice of writing Thank You cards makes us better people and improves our lives.

How, you ask? Read on, my good fellow.

How Writing Thank You Cards Improves our Lives

It Undermines Self-Absorption

During the holidays, I’ve seen posts on Facebook expressing thanks for gifts received. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, these mass thank yous posted for all to see, keep most of the focus on us. Rather than shinning a spotlight of appreciation on the giver it bathes us in the harsh glare with a showy chorus of, “Look at me, and my haul of stuff!”

Thank You cards transform the spotlight into a lantern. Within the panes of an envelope, they contain a golden light meant for illuminating one. And by bestowing that lantern of thanks on the giver alone, it makes the light more precious and simultaneously undermines our insatiable desire for Likes. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Revive the Dying Art of Letter Writing

Letter GardenEver since I was a little girl, I have been engaged in hand-written correspondence.

I grew up making special occasion cards for birthdays, Valentines, and Christmas. Then, a cross-country move and the resulting loneliness, brought about my introduction into the world of pen pals.

For over a decade now, I have written weekly letters to various friends and family members. It has become a tradition. A sacred ritual, which allows my mind to still and soul relax as I collect and arrange my thoughts on paper.

Letter writing has become part of my love language, my art form.

Alas, it is an art which is gradually perishing in our instant text-message, snap-chatting world.

I, however, have no intention of casting aside my fountain pen! Hand-written correspondence may be old fashioned, but it still has power to enrich our lives. How you ask?

Allow me to count the ways….

7 Reasons to Revive the Dying Art of Letter Writing

1. It’s a Special Expression of Love

Receiving a letter in the mail holds an extraordinary kind of wonderment, like finding a gem hidden amongst a pile of pebbles. It makes people feel special. Valued. By writing a letter you express love in a unique manner, which demonstrates that the recipient is held dear in your heart and thoughts. In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to sit and put pen to paper shows a conscious effort on your part to make the addressee a priority. An intimate connection which texting cannot replicate. Continue reading