A Blogging Respite & My Top 5 Most Viewed Posts

Good day, dears! For the next few months, I will be taking a respite from blogging in order to devote more time to my fiction writing. Until I return to my cyber-space parlor, do make yourself comfortable by reading through my blog archives.

Here are my Top 5 Most Viewed Posts!

  1. 4 Cringe Worthy Victorian Fashion Trends
  2. 7 Reasons to Revive the Dying Art of Letter Writing
  3. Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Love of Horses
  4. 10 Paintings of Victorian Bookworms
  5. Downton Abbey Hats on Parade

When you’re done perusing the archives, perhaps you might join me at the public assembly room known as Facebook where I shall continue to post and interact with readers on a daily-ish basis. Hope to see you there!

Find me on Facebook at Author Angela Bell and 21st Century Victorian Lady.

21st Century Victorian Lady

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