Masquerade Melody Character Quiz: Which Lady are you?

Hopefully, most of you are aware that my third novella Masquerade Melody released two months ago in The Regency Brides Collection. (Hurrah, hurrah!)

And hopefully, since then, you’ve acquired a copy of said collection and read it from cover to cover.(If you haven’t, don’t be dismayed. Just click the book cover below to access a handy-dandy purchase link!)

The Regency Brides Collection

And hopefully, those of you who have read the collection enjoy taking amusing online quizzes because this month I’m excited to share the . . . *drum roll* . . .


Which Lady are you?

Songbird, servant, or snob… 

Character Quiz

While reading Masquerade Melody, did you ever wonder which female character most closely matched your personality? Well, now you can discover the answer to that whimsical musing by taking this delightful and utterly unscientific quiz! Just click the image above to begin. Have fun, dear readers!

This quiz was created by a talented author and my dear friend, Chawna SchroederOnce you’ve finished the quiz, I highly recommend that you check out her incredible novel, Beast.

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