4 Scrumptious Teas Worth Savoring

In my humble opinion, a cup of tea is more than a warm beverage.

A cup of tea is a ceremony. An invitation to consciously slow down life’s frantic pace.

Henry James Tea Meme

Boiling water, tempering the pot, steeping the leaves—each step in the tea brewing process requires time. Indeed, preparation and waiting are part of the ceremony of tea.

By taking part in this old-fashioned ritual, we are reminded that not all joys in life are instant and flashy. Some joys are dainty, some are subtle, and some are as fleeting as a dandelion seed twirling away on a gentle summer breeze. Dashing about in the business of busy, we may spot the grandeur of special occasions, but in our haste, we often fail to notice life’s everyday joys.

The dandelion’s floating waltz goes unseen, its simple wonder unfelt.

Today, as an unofficial tea connoisseur, I wish to extend you a simple invitation to set aside your to-do list and embrace the beauty of stillness. Sit, relax, and savor. I know the responsibilities of “real life” await us, but for just an hour, let’s take part in the ceremony of tea. Let’s nourish our souls with wonderment by seeking to notice and appreciate life’s everyday joys!

To start us in this practice, here are 4 Scrumptious Teas Worth Savoring!

Artwork by Harrison Fisher. / Source: Pinterest

Artwork by Harrison Fisher. / Source: Pinterest

1. Scottish Afternoon / Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Black Tea / Served with or without Milk and Sugar 

Once upon a time . . . Sir Scottish Morn, a robust warrior cuppa, traipsed across the highlands to win the heart of a bonnie lass known as Darjeeling, the delicate Queen of Teas. ‘Twas love at first sight, of course, and from their union was born the wee bairn, Scottish Afternoon. 

Slightly more aromatic and mellow than his father, Scottish Afternoon was heralded far and wide as the perfect noontide cuppa! And tea time was scrumptious ever after! 

*Angela resumes her previous guise of normalcy*

Shop for Scottish Afternoon.

2. Earl Grey Supreme / Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Black Tea / Served with or without Milk and Sugar

I love this tea so much that I bestowed its name on my cat—Lord Sinatra Sterling, the Earl of Grey!

Lord Sinatra Sterling, the Earl of Grey

*Angela recalls said guise of normalcy *

Ahem…I mean this is my favorite brand of Earl Grey. The only kind I will drink, in fact. Most variations are heavy on the distinct bergamot flavor, which I personally don’t enjoy. Earl Grey Supreme, however, mellows the classic bergamot with the addition of Silver Tips. This creates an exceptional blend that’s definitely worth savoring!

Shop for Earl Grey Supreme.

3. Brigadoon Breakfast / Adagio Teas 

Black Tea / Served with or without Milk and Sugar

Inspired by the fictional town of Brigadoon where Gene Kelly danced himself in love, Brigadoon Breakfast is a special tea that appears just once every 4 years on Leap Day. The blend is an enchanting combination of Scottish Assam and Keemun teas with the addition of Silver Needle and blue cornflowers. Possessing the aesthetic beauty of potpourri, Brigadoon Breakfast has a robust flavor that reminds me of Golden Monkey.

If you wish to savor this tea, mark your calendar because it sells out fast! The mist will next reveal the magic of Brigadoon Breakfast on February 29th, 2020.

Shop for Brigadoon Breakfast.

4. Southern Breakfast / Oliver Pluff & Company

Black Tea / Served with or without Milk and Sugar

I discovered this scrumptious tea last year whilst visiting The Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee. Blended specially for The Hermitage, Southern Breakfast is a black tea that strikes the perfect balance between rich body and mellow flavor, making it suitable for either a sunrise or afternoon cuppa.

I recently embraced my southern roots and served Southern Breakfast during my family’s annual Kentucky Derby Tea Party, and it was quite the crowd pleaser!

Shop for Southern Breakfast.

Have you tried any new-to-you tea blends recently? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. And for those looking for a some tea party inspiration, you’re welcome to explore my Time for Tea board and Follow me on Pinterest!

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