Mackinac Island’s Lovely Victorian Homes

Victorian Home MemeLast month I escorted you on a brief cyber tour of Mackinac Island: A Victorian Oasis. However, my tour of this old-fashioned paradise was a smidgen incomplete due to the fact that it was rather impossible to condense the whole of Mackinac’s beauty into one reasonably sized blog post.

Hence, this secondary post showcasing Mackinac Island’s Lovely Victorian Homes!

Fetch your hat and parasol, dears! We’re off for a quaint stroll.

Victorian Forest GreenVictorian Cottage

One can almost imagine a Victorian Snow White residing in this cottage with a collection of eccentric dwarfs.

Victorian White

This porch is perfectly suited for rocking chairs and early morning conversation!

Victorian Yellow

I adore this home’s name—Windermere. *le sigh*

I’m of the opinion that every home, great or small, ought to be named.

Victorian Slate BlueVictorian RainbowAn odd color combination, this.

Victorian RainbowLove that red door, though! A red door bids one welcome before verbal greetings are ever exchanged.

Victorian Cottage DoorThis is charm perfected! A marvelous and magical entry that combines the very best of The Hobbit and The Secret Garden. Can’t you just hear the page turn?!

Once Upon a Time . . . .

Victorian Lime

Victorian CanaryVictorian BrownVictorian GreenIsn’t that stained-glass beautiful?! I bet that room is all rainbows come sunrise.

Victorian SalmonVictorian IvoryVictorian IvoryCan you hear the bagpipes, dearies? This home is called Brigadoon. If the mist rolls in off Lake Huron, perhaps we shall spot Gene Kelly dancing down the boulevard.

Victorian Sky BlueAwww…I do believe this one is my favorite! The sky blue hue, the lush flowering garden, and a white picket fence, too. Let us end our tour here and enjoy a spot of tea whilst reclined on those periwinkle chairs.

Victorian Sky Blue

Which of these Victorian houses would you like to call home? I’d love to chat with you in the comment section.

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