8 Must Have Items for Letter Writing

By now, most of you know that I’m a devoted letter writer. I love how writing a letter momentarily disconnects us from the dizzying speed of social media and allows us to rediscover our five senses. Remind ourselves of the tangible world beyond glowing screens and the people who live there.

Today I hope to inspire you to take up this restorative art form. To get you started, here are my 8 Must Have Items for Letter Writing! (Be sure to read to the very end for some exciting news!)

Lovely Blue Stationary

1. Lovely Stationary

Stationary, like fashion, can display one’s personality. Take advantage of this by choosing stationary that reflects your unique style. This makes it more fun for you while writing the letter and more precious to the one who receives it in their mailbox. When someone can recognize you in the personal elements of a card—before even reading the words—that transforms stationary from mere paper into something worth treasuring. My favorite brand is Punch Studio, which I pick up at TJMaxx or Marshall’s. I adore this line’s Victorian inspired style and intricate details, like designs that flow into the envelope’s interior.

2. A Pen that makes you Smile

Full disclosure: I’m a total pen geek. Beautiful pens literally bring a smile to my face! Throw-away plastic simply will not do. Indeed, too many things in this modern era are disposable. If one is to take up the habit of letter writing, I believe one should have a special, refillable pen for the purpose. I currently have four, but my favorite is a pearl white fountain pen from Pilot. 

3. Your Handy-Dandy White-Out

When writing with a pen, mistakes happen. Blots. Grammatical errors. That moment when your brain jumps to the next word, creating alphabet jumbles like Happirthday. (Seriously, does this happen to anyone else?) Thus, White-Out, the cure for all inky blunders.

Lovely Fountain Pen

4. A Comfortable Lap Desk

I prefer to compose letters seated on a cozy sofa. Therefore, a lap desk is a must. I’ve tried the kind with micro-bead pillows, but learned they can easily create a big mess with just one small tear. Now I use a desk by Lap Gear with a solid, foam pillow and elastic straps for holding extra cards.

5. Pretty Postage Stamps

When buying stamps, I always ask if there are any “pretty ones” available. You’d be amazed at the various styles often tucked under the counter. Audrey Hepburn, spring flowers, oh my!

6. A Sensational Candle

One should not approach letter writing like some obligatory task. Rushing the process leads only to sloppiness and wastes a grand opportunity to relax. At its heart, letter writing is about slowing to a rhythm of peace that provides our hurried souls a chance to breathe. Our cluttered minds a chance to focus. Be Thoughtful. One way to create that relaxing experience is with scented candles. I’m partial to Bath & Body Work’s three-wick candles because they’re incredibly fragrant and burn evenly. (Tip: Stock up during a sale!) Currently, I love the Pure White Cotton scent. It’s like clean laundry drying on a clothes line in the fresh spring air!

Lovely Scented Candle

7. A Cup of Tea, or Two

Another way to nurture relaxation is with a cuppa. At the moment, I’m favoring Scottish Afternoon from Harney & Sons. Actually…perhaps you’d best brew a pot, because the only thing better than one cup of tea is a second cup of tea. Now sip, exhale, and release any guilt about pampering yourself. It will make you happier, which will in turn make your letters happier. By extension, this will bless the recipient of your letter with the overflow of happiness. So, you see, there’s no reason for guilt. Your cuppa just contributed to world peace.

8. Words Wrapped in Kindness

I am convinced that letters deliver peace and joy. While my previous musts are nice, it’s your words that convey happiness to others. Words wrapped in kindness are the true must have in letter writing. Why else send a letter but to brighten another’s day? Misfortunes are now shared with a swift email or text, but our celebrations and gratitude . . . those things we still share slowly. Written with care and postmarked with love.

When was the last time a letter blessed you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. And now for the exciting news….

On August 1st my second novella releases in The California Gold Rush Romance CollectionBut you can pre-order it on Amazon TODAY!!!! *confetti explosion*

California Gold RushIsn’t the cover just gorgeous?! Pop over to my Books page to learn more about my novella, The Best Man in Brookside, which centers around one letter that changes the course of two lives!

4 thoughts on “8 Must Have Items for Letter Writing

  1. I love this!!! I too love to write letters and/or notes and use the old fashioned postal service. There is something about that handwritten connection that brings people together across the distances. AND HEY!!! I think we’re in this novella collection together! :) :)

    • Good day, Jaime! Thanks so much for commenting. I’m thrilled to see you here and learn that you share my enthusiasm for letter writing. In my mind, no text or email is so special as a good, old-fashioned, hand-written note. :-) Hopefully, us devoted letter writers can keep the art form from fading away. Speaking of, you might enjoy my previous post on this subject 7 Reasons to Revive the Dying Art of Letter Writing.

      And YES, indeed, we are in The California Gold Rush collection TOGETHER!!! 😀 I am excited to the point of giddiness for release day and cannot wait to read your novella. Only two more months! :-)

  2. I love getting your letters. Now I know why. You are an inspiration–in many ways! And—Congratulations!!!! Celebration required!

    • Thank you so much, Shelly! You are an inspiration as well. In fact, during the process of writing this post–the part about stationary reflecting one’s personal style–I kept thinking of the dear Christmas cards you send. Each one a work of art, each one so you! They are a perfect example of how a “simple card” can become something worth treasuring. Case in point: I’ve kept every single one! :-)

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